Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chennai Express Genuine Movie Review

The movie had all the elements of a Rohit Shetty was colorful...a lot of cars were destroyed..story was NO good...jokes were very obvious and the hero had to explain them after he cracked them.

I always felt that Ra.One was the worst acting that Shahrukh had done...but Tadaaaa!!! he breaks his record.....I can say this cause for the
first time even Dipika did good acting....far better than Shahrukh... actually this South Indian tone suits her(only she could have done it so well)...

I couldn't help noticing that there were a lot of people in the theater with kids.......and the small girl sitting next to me thoroughly enjoyed the did all the kids even they got the point, that the movie was like RA.One ...During a scene I heard a kid was asking his mom- "mamaa hero itna ro kyu raha hai !! "... I wanted to reply "beta kyuki isne gandi acting ki......bure jokes gundo ne ise khub peeta...but ye isiliye ro raha hai kyuki galti sirf iski nahi thi...Rohit Shetty ko bhi padni chahiye thi"

I liked the scene where Shahrukh was climbing the temple steps.......there i realized that the movie had a lot of potential.....

In a nutshell the only good thing in the movie was the popcorn I brought.

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