Thursday, July 18, 2013

Changes and Advances in how users unlock their devices !!!

There have been fascinating changes in the way users interact with devices:

Evolution Of Technology
  • Ever since mouse was invented and popularized in 1980's mouse and keyboard have been the main medium through which users have been interacting with computers

  • Blackberry always had a password based unlocking scheme.

  • Then came iPhone just over 5 years ago and iPad just over 2 years ago, they popularized touch as the way to interact with devices.

  • When iPhone was introduced in 2007, it had a password based unlocking.

  • Kinect came out in 2010 and popularized motion as the way to interact.

  • Google introduced an additional pattern unlocking with Android

  • The advent of Siri in 2011 brought in an era on voice as a medium

  • you can even see voice and gesture controlled TVs.

  • Google introduced facial recognition based unlocking, with Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich
    Interesting what Google has come up with now Track eye movements and based on that unlock !!!

    What will be next?

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