Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Top Five Feature Of Future Cars

Here is an interesting article that talks about 5 features that are expected in future cars - some of these are already present in a few higher end cars: Five new features that could be on your next car.

future cars

The features:

- Collision warning with automatic braking:

These features are present in many cars and are expected in more. Collision Waring feature reduced accidents by 7%, Automatic Braking another 7%.

- Advanced cameras:

Rear-view cameras, side-view cameras, surround-view monitors, birds-eye cameras are already present in some cars. Expected in future are wrong-way detection cameras, detecting large objects and animals like deer, automatically steering away from obstacles etc.

- Lane Centering:

A camera follows the road and nudges a car to stay in the center of a lane by using brakes.

- Adaptive headlights:

- Headlights that swivel in the direction of car, high-beams that detect oncoming traffic and dim automatically.

- Stop-start:

A "stop-start" device that shuts off the engine at a stop light and automatically turns it on when the driver releases the brake. This is expected to increase gas mileage by at least 5%.

I guess quite a number of taxi drivers in India already practice this.

I guess we can make do with these features for now while awaiting Autonomous Cars, except my VennIntersector, of course.


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