Saturday, August 3, 2013

Have Google killed Glass by pre-launching?

When Google provided the 8000 users with a pre-production version of Glass it seemed a smart idea. With this method they were getting people to develop, test and create hundreds of real-life apps and use case stories about what they can do with it. Yet since the announcement the product seems to be beset by groups proscribing what it will not be allowed to do. The latest is linked below which says that Glass will not be allowed to be worn while driving in the UK. Now as some of the comments in the piece point out the HUD is allowed and that current Satnav and Entertainment systems do all cause distraction, yet there is a reasonable concern that someone will be trying to read and send messages while on the move and having half their field of vision restricted.

So what do we think, should Google have just launched and tackled the problems one-by-one, or does this approach still give them a potential leap forward in the mobility space. The downside is that despite all the cool stuff that you could do with this technology, will the negative publicity basically kill the product a birth, thereby hampering a really true quantum leap in the digital re-imagination of our world


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